Investment and support for the next generation of artificial intelligence founders

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Since its founding in 2017, AI Seed has built the UK’s largest and best-performing portfolio of early-stage AI companies with over 40 investments and the industry’s leading track record of AI investment returns.

Our team of successfully exited software entrepreneurs offers individual investors the opportunity to take part in the AI revolution and invest in a diversified portfolio of institutional grade AI startups normally only accessible to VCs.
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We understand the unique needs of artificial intelligence and machine learning startups, and we offer specialised support to help AI founders achieve their vision:

  • Access to some of the world’s best AI entrepreneurs
  • Help acquiring the best AI talent for your startup
  • Introductions to AI commercial partners and customers
  • Business support and mentoring for AI scaling and growth
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Our partners are highly experienced entrepreneurs and have each successfully built and exited their own software startups themselves.

We are active in both the London and the Silicon Valley AI startup ecosystem and offer unique cross-Atlantic support to UK AI startups seeking to expand into the US.




Michael Axelgaard (Founder and Managing Partner)

Based in London, Michael has invested in over 40 successful AI startups. Previously, he built his own medical software startup Inmedico and sold it to Natus Medical.

He holds a BSc in Engineering from UC Berkeley and an MPhill in Scientific Computing and Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University, and he is active in both the London and Silicon Valley AI startup ecosystem.


Jacques de Cock (Operations and Managing Partner)

Based in London, Jacques has over 30 years of startup experience. Previously, he grew his own fintech software startup Patsystems from a six-man team to an IPO on LSE.

He holds a BA and an MA in Physics from Oxford University and an MBA from London Business School where he is also an Entrepreneur in Residence, and he is active in the London AI startup ecosystem.


Steve Weis (Technical Analysis and US Managing Partner)

Based in San Francisco, Steve is a senior software engineer at AI cloud data platform Databricks. Previously, he built his own security software startup PrivateCore and sold to it Meta.

Steve holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and a BA Computer Science from UC Berkeley and an MS and a PhD in Computer Science from MIT, and he is active in the Silicon Valley AI startup ecosystem.

General Partners and Support Staff

AI Seed’s Managing Partners are supported by General Partners who provide strategic advice and Principals who provide administrative support.